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Why CNC machine titanium?

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      Why CNC machine titanium?

      CNC machine titanium is usually always the optimum manufacturing method for getting the most precise and economical titanium parts. Let’s examine the options to better understand why.
      Casting titanium parts is an uncommon process used by manufacturers. Several refractory materials used in casting include trace amounts of oxygen, and heated titanium reacts severely with oxygen.

      A workaround is to use rammed graphite casting — using an oxygen-free graphite cast — but this produces parts with a very rough surface texture not suitable for most medical, aerospace, and industrial applications. It is also possible to make titanium parts with lost wax casting, but this requires a vacuum chamber.

      Utilizing additive manufacturing for titanium parts is a more recent possibility. Titanium 3D printing materials can be processed by a few 3D printing procedures, including Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Electron Beam Melting (EBM), and Direct Energy Deposition (DED). However, the cost of these 3D printing technologies is prohibitive, and many sectors have not yet approved the usage of 3D-printed titanium for end-use parts that are required to be safe.
      Compared to the alternatives, CNC machining is a precise, secure, adaptable, and cost-effective method of producing titanium parts.

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