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      Kane Zoe

      Steel is a kind of hard metal in the traditional concept and is used in many fields. The product names of aluminum tubes are usually not uniform. They are often called aluminum tubes manufacturers, aluminum tubes or aluminum rods. These names all represent the same product. The performance of steel pipe and aluminum pipe is mainly different from the above and the following aspects:
      Weight: Aluminum is lighter. The density of aluminum is 2.72 tons/m3, while the density of steel is 7.84 tons/m3. Reduce cargo capacity, thereby increasing cargo capacity. The upper structure of many containers is now made of aluminum. This leads to a lowered center of gravity. Therefore, stability is improved. Lower hull weight requires less propulsion, but higher speed is required for the same power. The entire hull of many fast ferries, hovercraft and catamarans is made of aluminum alloy.
      Durability: Compared with steel. At lower temperatures, aluminum tubes are more durable than steel tubes. Steel becomes brittle at low temperatures, forming fast-growing cracks. Aluminum does not have this disadvantage, which makes it suitable as a tank material for LPG and LNG carriers.
      Ductility: Aluminum is a very ideal metal because aluminum is more ductile and elastic than steel. Aluminum can replace steel to form shapes, often forming deeper or more complex spinning. Especially for parts with deep and straight walls, aluminum is the material of choice. Steel is a very tough and elastic metal, but it usually cannot be pushed to the same limit size limit as aluminum during rotation without cracking or cracking.
      Corrosion resistance: Aluminum circle plate has good corrosion resistance and will not rust. Aluminum is non-magnetic. The absence of an induced magnetic field is beneficial to compasses and other similar devices on ships. This quality is particularly useful in warships, preventing them from being affected by mines.

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